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A Voice Declaring: “Five more disasters, a horrible end to all things on the map 06/14/2013

The Occupation

I was standing in my kitchen, I was preparing my grandson Caden and grandniece Lawren something to drink, when suddenly the Holy Spirit began speaking to me, asking me, do they know, do their children know, that although they grew up in free territory, that although you, their parents grew up in a free territory, that their children will grow up in occupied territory, in an occupied America? 07/12/2010Give At: to

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One Reign 08/08/2013

“Yeah, but what does that Sioux really mean, that it’s a fulfillment of biblical prophecy? Is that what 911 was, a fulfillment of biblical prophecy? You have to consider the fact Marked tree, or ask yourself why didn’t God allow the terrorist to just finish her, to finish America, ah that’s easy, because of the Obama administration, huh, what manner of sense is that? None except Maaseiah just recently realized the Intrepid Dream timetable and the Obama administration are both set to expire at the same time. This mean the Obama administration will be the last reigning Nation regarding the free world. Ok, just imagine the Obama administration is like a fulfillment of the promise God gave to father Abraham, you all know when this distraught father had to turn Ismael and his mother Hagar out into the extreme desert. God promised Father Abraham, how Ismael’s seed would produce 12 princes, then my brothers so dear to me imagine the Obama Hussein bloodline is a fulfillment of possibly the Ethiopian/Islamic/Negro portion of this genealogy. It would then be completing the circle or cycle regarding the dispensation of grace, making the Obama administration a fulfillment of biblical prophecy. That Sioux could be why even before his first administration he was described to Maaseiah as being the one and this one Apache would have exactly two weeks and seven years to rule. I’ll be honest, Maaseiah at the time of this prophecy didn’t put these two prophecies together, or she couldn’t but now with the second Obama administration well on its way it’s more obvious. Especially, again with both timetables expiring in 2016, meaning you guys somewhat less than three years from now this could all be a distant memory. That would as well Sioux explain the Holy Spirit describing to Maaseiah how the next generation would grow up in occupied territory verses their parents and grandparents growing up in what was described as free territory, which in itself is a bewildering prophecy. Just before the prophet Daniel was given the seventy weeks of years prophecy, it was just as Daniel knew Israel 70 years of captivity was almost up. Just as so his praying accordingly God sent the archangel Gabriel to explain to this faithful prophet what would befall his people in the end of days. My god Sioux, that’s similar to what they just did with Maaseiah, as the end of the dispensation of grace is upon us, the intrepid dream of 2001 and the archangel Gabriel appearing to her a few years later. Materializing Himself to her, explaining how the fulfillment of all things is upon mankind, yeah they explained to Daniel how their appearing to him was gravely possible because he was greatly beloved. You all do know that whatever it's to be to bring the free world to its end has to be sudden and quite cataclysmic, I mean considering May’s timetable, I’m just saying you know. So there’s no longer any question May’s timetable is about the end of the dispensation of grace, so that Daniel’s final week can be realized? Well she said it was clear in the dream that this was the end of nation building, obviously beginning with a staggering outbreak, remember the infested with fleas pale horse. Doesn’t this then Sioux mean the ten heads can’t rise to power as long as the free world, as long as America is a superpower, America, the free world must decease that these ten heads exist or rise to power. Well I believe when the beast as described in Revelation turn on Mystery Babylon that’s what is being described as the fall of the mightier than ever free world and rise of the allied by the existing seven heads anti-Christ reign. Is this what the Supreme meant when he declared out of another prophecy of Maaseiah, "America, Britain, separate them into itty, bitty pieces," which is similar to what happen to the ten toes on Nebuchadnezzar’s image, thus the Intrepid Dream is about the rise and fall of the free world, …of America. Wouldn’t this explain why she won’t be able to come to Israel’s rescue, it’s why even Israel will in the beginning believe in and accept this man of sin, this pending anti-Christ? This also mean all along America is , was and is at present the world promised Jesus by Satan, if He, Jesus was to bow down and instead worship him, it’s why to keep with biblical prophecy it’s an appendage of the Roman Empire and has like it’s mother appeared to be the most phenomena nation ever. That will mean this timeline was inserted into or along Daniel’s timetable which stopped at Christ’s crucifixion one week of years short of fulfillment allowing 2,500 years unto the fulfillment of the times of the Gentiles, this would be Satanic, Demonic and religious/political rule. Thus also called the dispensation of grace, which in reality has been the most unpronounced flirt, temptation and thus abomination giving into abomination ever all set to expire around 2016, whereas the final seven years of Daniel’s timetable is to commence. This will be 42 months of false peace and 42 months of this black prince’s reign, which is why the archangel Gabriel after so many years forewarn Maaseiah how the fulfillment of all things is now upon mankind. Though you guys, suppose the seven years in Maaeiah's prophecy, was or included Daniels seven weeks of years, and we're approaching the beginning of this weeks end, that's crazy Sioux, that's just not possible, as far as the world is concern Lion Wolf none of what is being said here is possible, then Sioux the rapture is no longer pending, it's here. Five more disasters, excuse me, Maaseiah told me she heard a voice declared out of her sleep a month or so ago, five more disasters, she said she couldn’t but wonder why five. That she was soon reminded how the Holy Spirit warn the people to remember the ten plagues of Egypt, she could only assume five disasters had happen with five more pending, then it was whether or not we’re talking about nationwide or worldwide. You know that would be seventeen and seven all over again, most people possibly would have never realized it, Maaseiah only did as he was looking into Noah’s flood and saw the overall significance of those two figures. You know her prophecy, a voice declaring, mark seventeen and seven, how the first earth of man expired on those figures and now the second one, the times of the Gentiles to expire around 2017, with 7 years still to go or in 2017 with seven years completely spent, that's seventeen and seven as well. That’s incredible yes, but something even more astonishing has serviced, May learn recently how three inconceivable forms of deliverances by divine intervention happen on the same specific day in biblical history. First, Noah and mankind’s biblical future being saved from the flood April 17th, the parting of the red Sea which delivered Israel from Ramses April 17th and get this you guys, the resurrection of Jesus delivering all mankind from sin, April 17th,…ah my God Sioux, ah my God, I know I felt, well I had the same reaction, like mouth gapping awe.” “So anyone want to guess when was it Maaseiah experienced that form of the great gathering of saints, we know it was the beginning of spring, which is around April, meaning it could’ve well been the 17th day, as the actual rapture will be the most substantial day of deliverance ever. Like, give me a moment, are you alright?” Medicine! I’m ok, it’s just Sioux the divine implication of what you just described, don’t we all like need a minute, it’s guys the ultimate proof the Supreme Father truly is the same today, yesterday and forever, that His prophecies will not return unto Him void, wow, my god in heaven, wow! Ok, ok, ok you guys, five disasters, right? This mean five specific disasters has happen, yeah that’s going to take some looking into and possibly more, seeing a month or more has passed since Maaseiah got it.” “Man, I’m still thinking about them telling or explaining to her how soon we could all be in heaven, looking down upon and praying for the tribulation saints as the anti-Christ is given power to overcome them.” “Doesn’t that Sioux take us back to one of Maaseiah’s first ever vision of heaven?” “You mean the one Apache where she was looking down out of heaven, even into the heavenly body, into the entire circumference of the earth as she was praying toward them in an unknown tongue, her first time ever speaking in an unknown tongue, …wow Apache, wow! Ok, do I or do we dare ask, who is she, who is Maaseiah really? What’s that Marked Tree, having a Nicodemus moment? Aren’t you, aren’t we all?”“I mean come on, we all know they show her things and tell her things so mind-blowing, in a good way you know, it’s getting late gentlemen and we do have that early start, so Sioux that mean you can’t say or you don’t want to say? It mean Cheyenne by beautiful brother neither of you would believe me even if I could somehow put Maaseiah into specific words or biblical prophecy, goodnight. Ump, I guess he told you, that’s us Marked man, us, …Apache, what is it? I don’t know, I guess a very good question by Cheyenne, it’s, well isn’t it kinda like the Christ Lord asking the disciples who do men say that I am, and just as soon, asking the disciples themselves who do you say I am, yeah, the Holy Spirit spoke through Peter and said, thou are the Christ, the Son Of the Living God. You know I’m gonna say this and I’m out as well, the Christ Lord Jesus really personalized and even romanticized the church when he refer to her as bride, even marriage supper, even how she has made herself ready, deeming her female. You guys, there aren’t any females mention in heaven, except this bride, this Lord Urusalem, just my loved ones something to think about, see you all tomorrow here or there, did he just say Lord Urusalem, ok, who or what is that? Your guess Medicine Bow man Is good as ours, until tomorrow you guys, don’t be late.”

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I was standing over my stove, I was cooking when suddenly the Holy Spirit began speaking to me, how soon we, the church bride could be in heaven looking down upon and praying for the tribulation saints as the Antichrist is given power to overcome them. 03/17/2011

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